A new beginning

17 May, 2008

Well, after 2 years of not-working-as-I-should I decided to rebirth. I’m changing my phd project and I’m changing my blog. I’m still interested in virtual communities and videogames but I’m not going to use videogames as a domain of interest for my phd. So, at this point, this blog isn’t useful anymore. My future is not going to be about game studies (only) and my interests, opinions and thoughts (my blog posts) will cover many other things… So a new blog is needed πŸ™‚

I’m going to play in the future, probably mmorpg’s, guild wars and others… but there are other things that I need/want to do.

From now on…

You can find me here: skywriting and our digital streetz


Brazil bans Counter-Strike and Everquest… freedom of speech pwned…

23 February, 2008

ROFL yes it’s true…

Brazil ban on Counter-Strike, EverQuest goes into effect

Brazilian Government Bans Counter-Strike, EverQuest, Fun

in portuguese:
Counter-strike e Everquest: proibidos
this article was written by brazillian people and has a LOT more details so… I’m going to comment this one… by the way, the english posts only mention the case, not really sure if they understood the true extent of the problem… it’s much more than banning a game…

these are some of the troubling issues:
– A federal judge (Carlos Alberto Simões de Tomaz) ruled (in July 2007) that it’s forbidden, in ALL Brazil, to sell or distribute books, journals, cd-roms related to CounterStrike and Everquest. It looks like it’s not just the game that is illegal, it’s all the merchandising also…

– Goiás (a brazillian state) lead the way… Lan Houses are being warned and fined and at the PROCON Goias website (, website for the Consumer Rights Protection Agency in Goiás estate, you can read that they are already apprehending copies of these videogames and you are informed that you have an email address and a phone number to use… if you know where these games are being distributed or selled, be a snitch Ups sorry, meant a good citizen… well, you got the picture…

– the judge decision didn’t specify an “age” so… it’s illegal for all ages… although, in the decision explanation, they state that these games damage the physical and mental health of children and teenagers…

This “law” is being enforced since January 2008…

You can read the judge decision here (in portuguese): http://www.leonardi.adv.br/blog/decisao-jfmg-20023800046529-6/

some conclusions:

– the CounterStrike: Source and Everquest2 players are laughing… while WoW community is doing the math to see how many years before WoW is also forbidden…

– Bin Laden, Hillary Clinton, George Bush and Prince Charles are cheering for the judge…

– In Brazil, you can’t play CS or EQ (man… you can’t even sell a book about it LOL some phd and scientific papers are being banned also?) but you can see Hostel and SAW…

– According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) (http://www.esrb.org), Everquest is a T and Counter-Strike is a M:
T(een)- Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.
M(ature) -Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

– again, freedom of speech was pwned…

Our Digital streetz is online

22 February, 2008

Hi all
this blog has been “sleeping” ’cause i’m working on this http://our.digitalstreetz.com
Probably going to spend lots of time there… Unfortunately, have to update lost of things before playing again several hours per day 😦
If you’re interested in digital art, check http://our.digitalstreetz.com and join the community πŸ˜‰

6th Annual Mod of the Year Awards

29 January, 2008

Mod Of the Year awards are out. Many Half-Life2, some CryEngine2 (Crysis engine…)… Going to download a stand-alone free Battlestar Galactica πŸ™‚ Beyond the Red Line: http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/about.html

Anyway, here are the awards numbers by original game engine:
6 Half-Life2

2 Battlefield2

2 Crysis

2 Quake3

1 Quake2

1 Command & Conquer: Red Alert

1 Freespace2

My comments: HL2 is a winner and Quake 3 still alive πŸ˜€

Check the game mods, have some video… really nice work! All made by fans…

Hall of Monuments is getting better!

17 December, 2007

I returned to GW after a couple of weeks (maybe a little more…) and LOVED it!

My recent achievements:

– Maria Nafergo is 2 years old!

– Offered a new prestige armor (Monumental Armor) to Maria as a birthday gift πŸ˜€

Maria’s Hall of monuments (5 tapestries)

– 12 minipets

– 2 prestige armor (Primeval and Monumental)

– 2 heroes (Koss and Dunkoro)

– 3 Campaign (Eternal Hero of Tyria, of Cantha and of Elona)

Left guild leadership

17 December, 2007

Have several news from Tyria. First of all, I decided that the guild leader must be someone more present than me. I’m now an officer, after 2 years in GW (yes… BsK already have a 2 years history in Tyria!!!). Anywya, I haven’t the time and disponibility that the job requires. I’m going to play a lot but I can’t be online with the regularity that the task demands… So… maybe in the future I can get back to the leadership but for now… I’m free and proud to be the founder of a GW guild with 2 years old πŸ˜€

Digit4l art

7 December, 2007

started a new blog about digital art, mainly 3D πŸ™‚