Organização da guilda sofre algumas melhorias

Com a entrada dos novos membros (mais de 30) que vieram da outra guilda, houve necessidade de reorganizar as coisas e melhorar a estrutura do grupo. Para terem uma noção da complexidade de gerir um grupo tão grande (mais de 70) e tão heterogéneo, deixo aqui o longo texto que, neste momento, regula a guilda 🙂

Resta-me dizer que temos cerca de 15 officers, 1 team leader e para cima de 60 membros. Infelizmente, no Guild Day ainda não conseguimos reunir mais de 15 pessoas…

1. Introduction to the Black Skorpions

The Black Skorpions are a Guild Wars guild. Nevertheless, we want to be more than “just another guild”. We want to be a community forged by friendship, enjoying help and learn from each other, the pleasure of companionship and playing together. Our main goal is to explore the Guils Wars worlds, the enviroments, to know all towns and outposts, do all quests and missions and help all members to get the same experience. We have a strong Role-Playing (PvE) orientation.

Because Guild Wars is very oriented to Competition (PvP/GvG), and some members are willing to battle under the guild’s flag, we will go to battle and you can also find us in the arenas.
Some of us are married, some aren’t. Some of us have kids and jobs, others are studying or retired. Some are female, others are male. We all share the pleasure of the game but we dont forget that there’s a real life and we can’t always play as much as we wanted to… We welcome all mature players (age, race, gender, experience and nationality aren’t important…) that want to belong to this project, that share this ideal of a community. We are the Black Skorpions!


2. The Ten Commandments… or How to understand the guild spirit in 10 simple phrases

1. Thou shall always be proud and loyal to our guild and fellow members;

2. Thou shall not use any cheat, trainer, code or dishonest trick;
3. Thou shall respect your fellow members and all the other players, respect to be respected;
4. Thou shall not use any offensive language- including threats, harassment, swearing, prejudice, slander or deliberate insults/name-calling, abuse toward any other member or player. Guild members cannot mention insults or any comments of obscene, profane, racist or sexist kind, which may be an offence to the other members.;
5. Thou shall always try to help the guild and your fellow members. We are always learning how to play the game, helping other fellow members to evolve is helping the guild and the community to become stronger;
6. Thou shall not be inactive for more than 3 monthes whithout an explanation;
7. Thou shall not miss the parties, battles and trainings that you have signed in;
8. Thou shall always respect the BsK leadership decisions, although you have the right to disagree and to express your opinions;
9. Thou shall always try to improve as a player, to become stronger and wiser;
10. Thou shall always remember to have fun, don’t forget that this is just a game…


3. Guild organization

As all GW guilds, the Black Skorpions have a “team leader | officers | members” organization. The normal ratio between officers and roster will be 1:5 (for each group of 5 guild members, 1 will be an officer – divide the roster by 5 to get the officers number).

Guild decisons are made by a group, the council (team leader and officers), and the council takes all responsability for all the decisions. Any problem, doubt or disagreement should be presented to the team leader or one of the officers.

All guild jobs and responsabilities are shared between all officers and team leader. Nevertheless, there are some special officers with special responsabilities:

PvE or RolePlaying Officers responsabilities(RPOs):

– To schedule and organize the Guild Day activities (what to do, where to go, choose parties members, where to loot, etc);

– To organize other activities suited to develop/build community spirit and comradeship/companionship;

– To schedule/organize farming parties;

– To manage the SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Cantha and Tyria exploRation Engagement), our “help me, please!” quick response team and to process the help requests related to PvE gameplay. The Spectre roster includes PvE skilled and experienced officers and members.

PvP or Competitions Officers responsabilities (COs):

– To keep track of all members available and interested in PvP;

– To schedule trainings, friendly battles (unrated) and competition battles (rated);

– To choose the best team build and tactics for each battle;

– To captain the team during the battles (COs can delegate this responsability to another member);

– To define the team priority needs (chars professions/builds needed) and communicate them to the recruiting officers.

Guild Admin Officersresponsabilities(GAOs):

– To recruit new members (according to policy defined by guild needs);

– To manage BsK website;

– To keep roster updated.


Alliance Liaison Officerresponsabilities:

– Responsible for coordinating with representatives from other alliance guilds;



4. Disciplinary Regulations

a) Inactivity

– Members can’t be inactive for more than 3 monthes whithout an explanation. After 3 monthes of unexplained/unjustified inactivity , member can be kicked.

– Officers cant keep their status/job after 1 month of inactivity whithout an explanation.

b) Dishonest conduct, irregular gameplying

– The guild members cannot use cheats, exploits or glitches in any circumstance;

The guild members cannot scam or hustle other players in any circumstance.

c) Irregularities, unfulfilments and consequences

All the irregularities and unfulfilments must be presented to the Team Leader.All the issues and doubts of disciplinary sort have to be broached with the Team Leader directly;

The punishments to inflict are decided by the Council and are told to the parties by the Team Leader;

After the communication to the interested parties by the Team Leader, those have a week delay to appeal against the decisions. In that case, the Council whenever considered convenient will hear the parties and the Council will suspend the punishment until new deliberation. Afterwards, there will be no appeal from the final decision.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions about this Code. Help us to improve!


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