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Junho trouxe uma novidade para a guilda: começou uma newsletter interna quinzenal editada pelo negonca (aka Dark Cynthia). A ideia é reforçar os laços, divulgar informação e dar a conhecer melhor os membros (em cada número é publicada uma entrevista a um membro). Hoje saiu o segundo número e tem sido um sucesso 🙂

Se quiserem ver os números editados, vejam aqui. Entretanto, já há reacções bem positivas, partilho aqui 2:

“xxx, firstly thankyou for the newsletter – it’s a great idea. I like the idea of getting to know other guild members and our guild is very friendly. I like the fact that we can be members and just put in whatever time we can. I would also like to say a big thankyou to Nafergo for all the work put in to keep the guild running and to you and all officers for the same. I like the guild because it is international and crosses all our national boundaries. I am english – we just lost to Portugal in the world cup – but i have portuguese guild comrades so…..good luck to Portugal. That is the best thing about guild wars – it brings people together from different countries and that can only be a good thing.
Anyway that is enough from me for now.
Regards, xxx – otherwise known as xxx/xxx”

“A really great idea, the newsletter!! I especially like the interview-part as, even if youre playing with one of the guild, it really takes a long time to grasp an idea of the person behind that nickname. The interview lets you see the person behind the characters, a really important step during the formation of a community (im NOT saying we aren’t a community yet ).
Really nice work guys, keep it up! If I can be of any help for further newsletters, just let me know.”


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