a espera torna-se quase insuportável

Pelos fóruns, é notório o nervosismo 😀

I cant do my homework because every now and then im checking this section for the pc gamer info.
J snukka

I got to stop visiting forums every 3 minutes.
Kos Luftar

I usually get my mail about now(12pm Eastern). Hopefully someone gets it.

That magazine must already be printed and ready for send in 2 days, am I wrong?

I had a feeling there would be no news today. Waiting for something in the mail is always so unreliable. :p


One Response to a espera torna-se quase insuportável

  1. Fábio says:

    Toda gente ta impaciente… no GW online ha pessoal que faz refresh constantemente com a esperança que apareça alguma noticia, espero que ainda hj haja novidades

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