hello world!

Decided to change this a LITTLE bit 😀

Until now, I only wrote in portuguese. Well, I found out that I need to train my english writting skills and that I want to talk about my interests with MANY other folks. So? Well, from now on I’m going  to write in english… Or, at least, I’m going to try. Sorry about the misspelling  and all that…

Not going to translate the previous posts… sorry… This is a future-oriented decision.


To celebrate this important decision 🙂 I decided to upload a cartoon that a student (Carina) offered me 🙂 It looks like my students see me as man with beard, wearing glasses, a little large (the cartoon isn’t that realistic :), who likes to read and write, with a special interest in 3D and software tools like Blender, etc. I guess this is all true…


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