Mum and dad are SL addicts

27 November, 2007

Yes, they play there. Almost every night. They even got a house and a dog… yes, it’s true… my mum and dad are SL citizens , they buy LDollars and they respected their original gender. In the grid,  mum’s a she and dad’s a he. I guess like that my dad can’t transgender anymore 😀


SL project

27 November, 2007

There’s a SL project on it’s way to my direction… nice!!! Details  in the monthes to come…. over and out…

Playing a little bit of WoW

27 November, 2007

Yes, it’s true. I’m playing a little bit of WoW, a blood elf. Some students of mine got me cd’s and… well I joined them in a server… Still haven’t played with them but we will… I felt kind of “obligated” to play with them 😀  they were so nice to ask me…

Cod4 multiplayer

27 November, 2007

After trying the multiplayer, I really don´t care that much about the single player. I like the game modes and my sniper rifles 🙂 having fraggin fun again 🙂

I wonder when I’ll be able to do some maps for this game. I would like to try some huge maps, these maps are small… too fast also. Want some huge maps for a change…

New player in da house delivered by Santa

27 November, 2007

This is Xavier, my new buddy 🙂 Xavier don’t know much… yet! During xmas I will teach him a few tricks.

Meanwhile, he walks around the house making strange noises… Below, there’s a rare pic of Xavier and his “mummy” 😀

Some stats about Portugal, computers in education and videogames

20 November, 2007

2006/2007 @ Portugal 

(source: Ministry of Education)

(mainland only; Azores and Madeira not included)

(pre-school to secondary only; higher education – university and polytechnic – not included)


 Computers in private school: 34.190 (27.001 with Internet connection)

Computers in public schools : 116.936 (91.994 with Internet connection)

Computers in schools (total): 151.126 (118.995 with Internet connection)

Students in private schools: 308.907

Students in public schools: 1.360.563

Students (total): 1.669.470


Playstation or Playnation? The Sony country…


11/10/200730.000 PS3 sold in Portugal (source: Sandra Páscoa, PR manager from Sony Portugal)

22/3/2007 –  we have 720.000 PS2 in Portugal (source: Pedro Almeida, Country Manager from Sony)


Any comments?

cod4 uses mmorpg mechanics

20 November, 2007

Best part in COD4? The multiplayer 🙂 actually, the “role-playing” dimension: costumization features based on a XP system. I guess some game mechanics are here to stay. The multiplayer reward system (the challenges) is also new. You have all the rush and fun from the multiplayer battlezones combined with  individual  achievements  and  XP progression which unlocks upgrades for weapons and special abilities. So, you can use premade classes (i.e. sniper, etc.) or create a class (actually, you can create several) and choose it’s weapons and special abilities. While playing online, you complete challenges and gain XP, you level up and unlock new weapons and abilities… seems familiar? But I want to choose my char face and gender!!!!!!!