MoH:AA was one of my fav games. Finished it on the PC and PS2 (Frontline) and enjoyed every minute of it 🙂 When some guys from 2015 left and founded Infinity Ward, I waited for CoD and played it on the PC. After that, I decided that was time for a change and was tired of WW2 games. That’s when I turned to Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and went for online gaming (2003/2004). Didn’t play CoD that much because I was a DF:BHD addict 😀 The Battlefield series never impressed me that much… (don’t like those huge battles that much…)

Anyway, time moved on and now I found myself waiting for CoD4. So, yesterday I found it on the supermaker shelf and… bought it with a HUGE baby smile (actually, my wife loves me a lot and bought it for me…). First opinions (only played for an hour)? It’s gonna be a fav! Awsome graphics, very good cinematics and movie-feeling, totally immersion, good storyline, easy to get the basics, lots of action and war chaos, urban close combat, very good movements… and MP will be as good, I’m sure! Still have to try that 🙂 I’m going to play a lot of COD4!!!

For now, just want to tell you about the beginning of the game. You start with a quick boot camp and then you are sent to a mission. The “finale” is great with you and your team running for your life inside a sinking boat (it’s a strange but amusing feeling, running around in am inclined corridor… 🙂 after that, the game initial credits, a car tour with the names showing up just like in some movies… just like in the John Carpenter’s movies, when the action already begun (and you think the movie/game started) you still have the initial credits and think “oh now it’s the beginning! this amazing action sequence was just an intro… wow! “. So… lock and load!


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