After some years (yes, since the end of 2003… I think…)  of waiting, I finally got to play Stalker for a couple of hours. First problem was my expectations: I played the leaked pre-alpha and the mp demo, I’m a huge fan of Tarkovsky’s film. And it’s difficult not to be a little disappointed…

In 2004 (pre-alpha) I was amazed with the graphics and textures but today… well, it’s not that different from other games.   Also I’m having some problems with the sys requirements (maybe I need to tweak my laptop a little bit…). I’m playing with a Intel® Core 2 Duo T7300, GeForce 8600M GS 256MB, 2GB DDR2 and to get some smooth movements I need to play with a low resolution…

  Anyway,if you imagine an Oblivion type of game with fire weapons, you’ll be close enough. It’s a big difference from most FPS out there. You have quests, maps/levels work like a hub (can  go forward and return) and not like the traditional “end of first level – begin second level” scheme, lots of weapons, very good enviromental fx (sound, rain, lightning, etc),… It’s a very sys demanding game but it worths.
Liked a lot the non-linearity of the story. I lured a group of army men to a stalker camp and they engaged against each other. By default, the army men were far away and wouldn’t find/get to the camp by their own. When I engaged them and find out that they were too many, I runned away to the camp. I thought that returning to a “secured” area would solve my problem for the time being and buy me some time to work on a new approach. Well, after a couple of minutes, the army men arrived and attacked/killed all stalkers… Was really sad… they were friendly… So , this is a “sandbox” (at least some non-linear narrative and lot of area to explore) with lots of quests. To be perfect, this area should be persistent/online  🙂 I still haven’t try the mp but from the mp demo I got the feeling that this will be a simple Group vS Group (kind of CStrike)… I want this game to be a MMOG 🙂


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