Some stats about Portugal, computers in education and videogames

2006/2007 @ Portugal 

(source: Ministry of Education)

(mainland only; Azores and Madeira not included)

(pre-school to secondary only; higher education – university and polytechnic – not included)


 Computers in private school: 34.190 (27.001 with Internet connection)

Computers in public schools : 116.936 (91.994 with Internet connection)

Computers in schools (total): 151.126 (118.995 with Internet connection)

Students in private schools: 308.907

Students in public schools: 1.360.563

Students (total): 1.669.470


Playstation or Playnation? The Sony country…


11/10/200730.000 PS3 sold in Portugal (source: Sandra Páscoa, PR manager from Sony Portugal)

22/3/2007 –  we have 720.000 PS2 in Portugal (source: Pedro Almeida, Country Manager from Sony)


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