Hall of Monuments is getting better!

17 December, 2007

I returned to GW after a couple of weeks (maybe a little more…) and LOVED it!

My recent achievements:

– Maria Nafergo is 2 years old!

– Offered a new prestige armor (Monumental Armor) to Maria as a birthday gift 😀

Maria’s Hall of monuments (5 tapestries)

– 12 minipets

– 2 prestige armor (Primeval and Monumental)

– 2 heroes (Koss and Dunkoro)

– 3 Campaign (Eternal Hero of Tyria, of Cantha and of Elona)


Left guild leadership

17 December, 2007

Have several news from Tyria. First of all, I decided that the guild leader must be someone more present than me. I’m now an officer, after 2 years in GW (yes… BsK already have a 2 years history in Tyria!!!). Anywya, I haven’t the time and disponibility that the job requires. I’m going to play a lot but I can’t be online with the regularity that the task demands… So… maybe in the future I can get back to the leadership but for now… I’m free and proud to be the founder of a GW guild with 2 years old 😀

Digit4l art

7 December, 2007

started a new blog about digital art, mainly 3D 🙂