Hall of Monuments is getting better!

I returned to GW after a couple of weeks (maybe a little more…) and LOVED it!

My recent achievements:

– Maria Nafergo is 2 years old!

– Offered a new prestige armor (Monumental Armor) to Maria as a birthday gift 😀

Maria’s Hall of monuments (5 tapestries)

– 12 minipets

– 2 prestige armor (Primeval and Monumental)

– 2 heroes (Koss and Dunkoro)

– 3 Campaign (Eternal Hero of Tyria, of Cantha and of Elona)


One Response to Hall of Monuments is getting better!

  1. Fábio says:

    Welcome back to Guild Wars !

    Hall of Monuments got me addicted to it

    My stats there with Serod Pt R:

    -6 minipets

    -1 prestige armor (Norn)

    -1 destroyer weapon (Bow)

    -4 Heroes(Zhed,Sousuke,Master of Whispers and Talkhora), 4 Pets (Level 20 Pet, Black Widow, Black Moa and Imperial Phoenix)

    -Eternal Hero of Tyria, Cantha and Elona, Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld, Fissure of Woe and Sorrow’s Furnace, and 16 maxed titles (Lightbringer, Sunspear, Slayer, Delver, 3 protectors, 1 guardian (Cantha), 3 skill hunter and legendary skill hunter, 3 cartographers and legendary cartographer)

    Cya in the game 😉

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