CoD 4 multiplayer

12 November, 2007

Fast, urban, fun, addictive… only tried TDM but enjoyed a lot (I was missing those TDM battles…). There’s an interesting unlocking system (xp for new weapons and soldier classes), online xp system, a “create a class” feature which allows you to create a costumized soldier profile and weapons/perk combo. Here’s a cinematic from the game 🙂



11 November, 2007

 MoH:AA was one of my fav games. Finished it on the PC and PS2 (Frontline) and enjoyed every minute of it 🙂 When some guys from 2015 left and founded Infinity Ward, I waited for CoD and played it on the PC. After that, I decided that was time for a change and was tired of WW2 games. That’s when I turned to Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and went for online gaming (2003/2004). Didn’t play CoD that much because I was a DF:BHD addict 😀 The Battlefield series never impressed me that much… (don’t like those huge battles that much…)

Anyway, time moved on and now I found myself waiting for CoD4. So, yesterday I found it on the supermaker shelf and… bought it with a HUGE baby smile (actually, my wife loves me a lot and bought it for me…). First opinions (only played for an hour)? It’s gonna be a fav! Awsome graphics, very good cinematics and movie-feeling, totally immersion, good storyline, easy to get the basics, lots of action and war chaos, urban close combat, very good movements… and MP will be as good, I’m sure! Still have to try that 🙂 I’m going to play a lot of COD4!!!

For now, just want to tell you about the beginning of the game. You start with a quick boot camp and then you are sent to a mission. The “finale” is great with you and your team running for your life inside a sinking boat (it’s a strange but amusing feeling, running around in am inclined corridor… 🙂 after that, the game initial credits, a car tour with the names showing up just like in some movies… just like in the John Carpenter’s movies, when the action already begun (and you think the movie/game started) you still have the initial credits and think “oh now it’s the beginning! this amazing action sequence was just an intro… wow! “. So… lock and load!


11 November, 2007

 After some years (yes, since the end of 2003… I think…)  of waiting, I finally got to play Stalker for a couple of hours. First problem was my expectations: I played the leaked pre-alpha and the mp demo, I’m a huge fan of Tarkovsky’s film. And it’s difficult not to be a little disappointed…

In 2004 (pre-alpha) I was amazed with the graphics and textures but today… well, it’s not that different from other games.   Also I’m having some problems with the sys requirements (maybe I need to tweak my laptop a little bit…). I’m playing with a Intel® Core 2 Duo T7300, GeForce 8600M GS 256MB, 2GB DDR2 and to get some smooth movements I need to play with a low resolution…

  Anyway,if you imagine an Oblivion type of game with fire weapons, you’ll be close enough. It’s a big difference from most FPS out there. You have quests, maps/levels work like a hub (can  go forward and return) and not like the traditional “end of first level – begin second level” scheme, lots of weapons, very good enviromental fx (sound, rain, lightning, etc),… It’s a very sys demanding game but it worths.
Liked a lot the non-linearity of the story. I lured a group of army men to a stalker camp and they engaged against each other. By default, the army men were far away and wouldn’t find/get to the camp by their own. When I engaged them and find out that they were too many, I runned away to the camp. I thought that returning to a “secured” area would solve my problem for the time being and buy me some time to work on a new approach. Well, after a couple of minutes, the army men arrived and attacked/killed all stalkers… Was really sad… they were friendly… So , this is a “sandbox” (at least some non-linear narrative and lot of area to explore) with lots of quests. To be perfect, this area should be persistent/online  🙂 I still haven’t try the mp but from the mp demo I got the feeling that this will be a simple Group vS Group (kind of CStrike)… I want this game to be a MMOG 🙂

From SL to the tv

22 October, 2007

I already read some SL Herald news.  I know that Wired, CNET and Reuters are present inside the grid. But I was suprised when I read that HBO bought a documentary made inside SL and are going to broadcast it.

A new model of use? Content created in SL for tv audience?

Revistas e almansor

19 April, 2007

Relativamente ao metagame, a minha actividade tem estado muito “reduzida”: sobretudo aquisição e leitura de revistas que apresentem textos sobre o GW2 ou o Eye of the North. Também estou a terminar mais 2 textos para a minha coluna no gwvault mas ainda falta um tempinho…

Comprei a Joystick (como poderia resistir à capa com um logo enorme do GW2??) e fiquei desiludido: pouca informação e não gosto do estilo (já não é a primeira vez que a Joystick me desilude, a decisão de não voltar a comprar só foi excepcionalmente contrariada pela importância atribuída ao GW neste último número 😀

Comprei a Bgamer e… surpresa!!! Um texto interessante com informações sobre o GW2 e GWEN, imagens que ainda não conhecia, etc. Resta-me esperar pela MegaScore que tem obrigação (têm uma guilda de GW…) de oferecer ainda mais!

Entretanto, na Bgamer, descobri que existe um MMO de estratégia desenvolvido por portugueses que vai ter torneios com prémios monetários, chama-se Almansur. Para além da satisfação de conhecer um MMO português (não existem muitos jogos de computador desenvolvidos por portugueses, ainda menos MMOs), fico contente pela escolha do tema (não existem muitos jogos baseados ou que representem o Al Andalus) e pela personagem principal:  o Almansor passou aqui por Lamego, faz parte da história da cidade onde vivo neste momento 😀

Massive Math Online Role-Playing Game?

2 April, 2007

Project Hippasus is an online, community-oriented massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) with the explicit purpose of educating its players in various fields of mathematics. Players assume the role of so-called ‘arithmancers’: mages and sorcerers who base their power in fundamental mathematical concepts.”

Palavras para quê? 😉

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

1 April, 2007

Ainda vou fazer uns comentários sobre o jogo mas deixo já aqui algumas “fotografias” que tirei… Um regalo…