Hall of Monuments is getting better!

17 December, 2007

I returned to GW after a couple of weeks (maybe a little more…) and LOVED it!

My recent achievements:

– Maria Nafergo is 2 years old!

– Offered a new prestige armor (Monumental Armor) to Maria as a birthday gift 😀

Maria’s Hall of monuments (5 tapestries)

– 12 minipets

– 2 prestige armor (Primeval and Monumental)

– 2 heroes (Koss and Dunkoro)

– 3 Campaign (Eternal Hero of Tyria, of Cantha and of Elona)


Left guild leadership

17 December, 2007

Have several news from Tyria. First of all, I decided that the guild leader must be someone more present than me. I’m now an officer, after 2 years in GW (yes… BsK already have a 2 years history in Tyria!!!). Anywya, I haven’t the time and disponibility that the job requires. I’m going to play a lot but I can’t be online with the regularity that the task demands… So… maybe in the future I can get back to the leadership but for now… I’m free and proud to be the founder of a GW guild with 2 years old 😀

Mum and dad are SL addicts

27 November, 2007

Yes, they play there. Almost every night. They even got a house and a dog… yes, it’s true… my mum and dad are SL citizens , they buy LDollars and they respected their original gender. In the grid,  mum’s a she and dad’s a he. I guess like that my dad can’t transgender anymore 😀

cod4 uses mmorpg mechanics

20 November, 2007

Best part in COD4? The multiplayer 🙂 actually, the “role-playing” dimension: costumization features based on a XP system. I guess some game mechanics are here to stay. The multiplayer reward system (the challenges) is also new. You have all the rush and fun from the multiplayer battlezones combined with  individual  achievements  and  XP progression which unlocks upgrades for weapons and special abilities. So, you can use premade classes (i.e. sniper, etc.) or create a class (actually, you can create several) and choose it’s weapons and special abilities. While playing online, you complete challenges and gain XP, you level up and unlock new weapons and abilities… seems familiar? But I want to choose my char face and gender!!!!!!!

Family update

14 November, 2007

Just updated the GW family shots 🙂

Canal de TV no SL

13 September, 2007

Um canal de televisão que emite no SL… e andam à procura de uma “female host for a high profile show that is going to start on SLCN shortly”… é o Second Life Cable Network – SLCN.tv

Mais um postal

12 September, 2007

Do factions e já antigo… mas lindo!